How to protect your child in a cyber-world?

The same time parents give kids an access to a computer, they become even more worried! Why? Because showing no physical threats to kids, it becomes more dangerous because of cyber fraudsters, porno databases, and pedophiles, who are agile of exploiting your darling.

Kids have no idea of what they can encounter in the digital world that is why they may become a simple target for any fraudster. If parents don’t want for anything like that happen with their child, they should control any activity made in a digital world! They may do this using a keylogger!

What is like supervising children through keylogger?

What is a keylogger? It is a simple program which enables you to watch out your child computer even though you are not with him. You shouldn’t be an outstanding IT-specialist to use it and you shouldn’t study for months for exploring its modes and adjustments. You even don’t have to look at your screen any second your kids open it! Every suspicious activity he makes generates the message so you will know the exact time and you can call him to prevent from continuing this activity.

A parent may ask, in what ways I should control activities my boy does in a cyber-world? Designers of keyloggers make everything possible to enhance your opportunities to control. Current programs use any way your child can consume the information from the internet including:

  1. Making search requests and typing messages to other people: such programs often involve keystroke recording option logging any letter their child presses sending messages or searching for any information;
  2. Visiting various websites or internet resources: keylogger records any web-site their child visits and even if he deletes all web history, parents can see all dubious or porn websites he has attended;
  3. Looking at the images or clicking buttons on dialogue windows: visual information can be much more harmful for children because it invokes his fantasy and comes deeply into his mind making inevitable changes there. Supervising device will make print-screens of any window your child opens so you will know any perilous image or film he may visit;
  4. Application logging: sometimes instead of doing homework kids play online games which can be intimidating for their mental health, make them more aggressive and sexually preoccupied (some internet games are full of violence and erotics which are harmful to the immature mind of your darling). Key logger shows you any moment they play the wrong game, your job – is to make an immediate call.

Show that you control your child anytime!

Do you want your kids to even not try to do some suspicious things? You may repeat abolitions and rules every day but it doesn’t help, the older your children become, the more they like to break the rules. You may not allow your kid to use a computer but soon he will get computer-based assignments and your rejections will harm his studying. Restrictions don’t work but you should show him that there is nothing they can hide from their parents. Keylogger can help you deal with that successfully. The moment he enters any suspicious site – you get a report and call him, asking what he is doing now. The first time he will think that it is a coincidence, the second time he will feel something suspicious, the third time he will not even try.

So, how can you protect your kid from cyber perils? Download a keylogger app, adjust it to your preferences and you will never allow anybody harm the mental health of your darling. Supervise them so they will be safe.