Nothing is mysterious with key loggers

There are always people who want hiding something from you! The most notable is that most of them are under your responsibility! Yes, they are your children and employees. While your children always try visiting some suspicious website without parents’ permission, your workers try to relax during the working day.

Anybody wants their children becoming victims of criminals and at the same time, you don’t prefer reducing your workers’ productivity.  Do you want for any person you are responsible for not hiding anything from you? Then you should show that there is nothing anyone of them can hide from you!
How to reveal any mystery they may hide?

Someone may ask: “Am I God for reading minds?”. No one can read minds and you don’t have to. People have much easier way to reveal anything your employees may hide, to use a keylogger! Someone can install it on his workers’ computers and control any activity employees do. Nobody can detect a supervisor watching them but you can see what workers were doing instead of working! Now, a manager can supervise workers not standing behind them and watching directly! The tool sends him daily reports showing any suspicious activity people make. Managers will see:

  1. What they type. When keylogger switches, it automatically records any letter which user types on the keyboard. You may see all search requests employees do, all messages sent and use it as the evidence of wasting the working time;
  2. What they see. Even if the user exploits the electronic keyboard, you will also reveal what he typed and watched by observing print-screens made by a keylogger. If somebody attempts to use the working time on buying goods on internet-shops or watching a film, you will be the first to know that;
  3. What they visit: Even those who like deleting their browser history will get caught by the keylogger which records any website and internet-page workers visit in a document which only you can delete;
  4. What they play: Keylogger also records any game and application workers use, they will not hide the fact that some of them have been playing instead of working.

You don’t need to tell your people what you have such a tool. Wait for a moment when employees start cheating and make a warning being not in the office. After one or two such attempts they will not even try!

What else makes keylogger useful for you?

Every CEO of a big company has such a tool which enables him to watch employees’ activities. Why should executives do that? Do CEOs really think that employees who are proud working for such a large company and who have so much to do want cheating? No, their purposes are far from that. Executives value company’s image and intellectual property much more than the fact that employees do things they were assigned to! They don’t want for their vital assets like secret innovations or recipes to become available for anybody else. They use such programs to ensure themselves that workers will not divulge any of intellectual assets or he can easily find who did that to sue and get rid of him.

Safety and transparency are even more essential for your children. A lot of villains want to use them and their identities for dirty purposes and they always exploit “dirty topics” which children like so much. Anybody wants someone to exploit your child, that is why a healthy-minded parent will not accept any of such attempts! The keylogger installed on your child computer will help you reveal these attempts and use all possible preventative actions. Save your child and your company with the keylogger.