The best way to prevent students from cheating

If you work as a University professor or a teaching assistant, you always deal with various University assignments required to perform with specific software. Students always use University computers both for their laboratory assignments and for assignments on their final examinations or regular tests.

Despite any extra material usage being prohibited tricky ones always try to open some mini-window with an electronic book or opened webpage, using formulas and codes from there. This becomes completely unfair so you as their supervisor should prevent any of these attempts! But do you need to stand behind them all the time? No, smart professors don’t do like that.

How smart professors mitigate cheating

Smart professors don’t like watching directly at their students during an examination. Teachers have a lot of work behind it. During the exams, lecturers simply do their research and make things they should do  for their department. Do I mean, professors rely on students’ consciousness? No, it becomes not effective. Every computer on which pupils are working has a keylogger installed on it. After they submit their assignments, a professor opens reports from any computer and looks on whether they were cheating or not. After a couple of days, those who have been cheating will know that it was a terribly awful idea.

Do you doubt the level of how keylogger supervise? You shouldn’t because smart tool records any activity pupils do on their computers:

  1. It records any letter they type: It is quite easy to distinguish words and phrases they used for search requests and words for making an examination task;
  2. It records any window they open: it is a waste of time to open micro-windows with a textbook or a formula list because you will see screens of any windows they open;
  3. It records any webpage they visit: as a professor you shouldn’t even switch off the internet cable to prevent students from using it. Students will always find some way to know the information they didn’t learn so it is better to install a tool recording any website they’ve been visiting. Even though they may delete a history, nobody can delete the history on a keylogger;
  4. It records any additional application pupils have been opening. So, if they use some advanced calculator or a PDF file, you will know that too.

With a keylogger, you shouldn’t worry about tricky pupils. People with an IT background like to find and delete supervising tools like these so that their records will be empty. But the key feature of a keylogger is that it is undetected even by the professionals. So, students may even not have an idea that you supervise anything they do. Everyone knows that cheating is strictly prohibited so if someone swindles, he knows that it is not some joke.

Supervising devices – the way to improve teaching efficiency

Students and professors know that those who swindle don’t know needed material well enough. The problem is that University doesn’t teach something which graduates will not need. If they don’t know something, it will reveal during the job interview. That is why you should prevent cheating in any way, and this is not for harming students but for helping them. And the best way to do that is to teach them before the beginning of their education. Download the best keylogger before starting your education and teach them from the beginning how their cheating attempts are punished. They will not even try if everybody knows the rules of a game.

So, do you want to get rid of swindling once and for all? Download keylogger, install it on the University computers and don’t bother about cheating anymore.