The must-have tool to increase your employees’ productivity

Are your employees as productive as you want? Do you know any ways to increase your employees’ productivity? An employer can order some coaches to provide a motivational training or create prizes dependent on their performance but these methods will not work properly if he doesn’t do a single thing.

The employer should ensure himself that everything your employees do at the working place are related to their work! Keylogger can help you with that.

How keylogger can help your company?

A manager may have 1000 employees but it may not increase company’s financial performance! Why? Because they like wasting their working time on things they didn’t manage to do at home! These include purchasing goods in Internet shops, chatting through social networks with mates and friends or playing online games (“for relaxation”).  Yes, it may help them in some way but you didn’t hire them for using social networks. So, if you want your employees to not do things which are not related to their job – you should monitor their activities!

Do you like to monitor any activity your workers make and always remain undetected? If that is the case, keylogger can help you in many ways:

  1. It records any letter they type on a keyboard so you will see which of them are related to tasks you’ve requested and which of them seem not;
  2. It makes screenshots of any activity your employee makes on his computer so if one screen shows a Facebook profile instead of the program they should work, you have an outstanding evidence;
  3. It records any program running on their computers so if they play games instead of working hard – it becomes your job to make the reprimand;
  4. It reports any suspicious activity by e-mails so you don’t even need to watch all screens of your workers like a guardian;
  5. It remains undetected even for the trickiest workers: Those running IT companies know that workers always find any supervising program and make it work for them, not for you. They are not able to do they will not find it in any folder or tray!

Download the app – and your workers will be under your control. You will never try to do extra visits to see what they are doing, regular reports will provide you with all the necessary information! The productivity of workers will grow dramatically!

Keylogger is much more than an invisible supervisor!

Keylogger can be a nice tool for supervising employees in a small business but it doesn’t serve that way in large companies. Why so? Because their workers are overwhelmed with tasks and they seldom find time to even observe current news. However, Keylogger is still necessary. Because the larger the enterprise, the more valuable its intellectual property becomes. So, what if all your computers drop down under a giant virus attack? What if one of your staff reveals the recipe of your patented product? It will be not so nice for the company. Having a supervising device, managers become more ensured that necessary information will not become public.

That is why even CEOs are using keyloggers for purposes of protection. The same minute your employee visits some wrong or infected website – you quickly become informed and call your colleague to stop observing it. It may also protect your workers from hacking attacks (even though your computer may have the strongest antivirus program – you are still not 100% safe from that ).

So, do you want to have a company where every employee works towards the same goal and where there is no chance of cyber attack? Then, downloading the keylogger will be a great opportunity!